3. Ring Sea of Japan route neighboring countries of the economic effect

1. Expansion of economic effect scale

Route proposed this time, the concept was added to the United States (Alaska) in four countries is the Sea of Japan coast countries Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Russia.

By linking the way to the United States to the current 300 million people ring of the Japan Sea Economic Area (Japan 120 million, North and South Korea 71 million people, the three northeastern provinces three provinces 108 million people, Russia 4.4 million people)

It will be possible to convert from an obstructive economic zone that enables economic development to an evolving economic zone and can raise it to a larger scale level.Furthermore, if Siberia development progresses, the economic scale will expand synergistically.

From there, it will be able to build the Siberia route of the international highway to Europe and Africa.

The situation surrounding the port of the Japan Sea side



2. Positive effect on Japan-Korea tunnel


With only Japan - Korea tunnel alone, from the current amount of trade it can not hope for a big economic effect. Its direct effect will be limited to areas in Kyushu and Chugoku district.
If the international highway connecting to the Japan-Korea tunnel extends to the inner part of China and also to Southeast Asia and India, its merit will also increase. However, as it stands, the image of "Japan 's economic invasion" occurring in Korea will become large, which will become a major obstacle to realization.

Instead of appealing economic effects between Japan and South Korea, we will devise an economic effect as the Sea of ​​Japan Sea Route including the Bering Strait Bridge. In the case of
From this, it will be possible to develop not only in Kyushu and Chugoku region but also in nationwide construction promotion campaign including Hokkaido in Japan. In the case of
Also, Korea can make a big contribution to the rebuilding of the economy of North Korea that will come in the future.
The North Korean problem is the most important issue for South Korea, and it is possible to close discussions that hinder the realization of the Japan-Korea tunnel, such as Japan's economic aggression theory in Japan.                                 



I3. Hokkaido · Japan Sea side regional economic improvement


As is clear from the current Shinkansen concept, Hokkaido has become the final destination, and it has become a dead end road type economic structure that faces only to Tokyo.
According to the data prepared by the Ministry of Land, Port and Harbor of the Ministry of Materials, it is clear how the port on the side of the Sea of ​​Japan is unused compared to the Pacific side. With this form, the disadvantage increases as you move away from Tokyo, so you can not expect big future development in the future.
Even in the region of the Sea of ​​Japan side, the major trading country can not escape from the complementary position of the Pacific side economy centering on Tokyo, in the economic structure of maritime exchange between the United States and China. Also, given the downsizing of the economy derived from the declining population of Japan itself, it seems that it will become more and more difficult situation.
Some local governments on the side of the Sea of ​​Japan are now planning the Sea of ​​Japan Sea economic cooperation which actively exports trade with the countries around the Sea of ​​Japan.
However, only in these countries around the Sea of ​​Japan, the economic scale is small and it is not expected to develop greatly. A new concept incorporating the United States becomes necessary.

The degree of influence on each region will vary depending on where the international highway ring Sea Route runs, but in Hokkaido it will be able to evolve from the past dead end economy and transform into a cyclical development type economy. 

Also, if the highway passes through in the area around the Sea of ​​Japan, great economic development can be expected. And this leads to utilization of existing economic capital (port facilities / roads), and it will be able to develop synergistically. 

With international highways, if multilateral exchanges become frequent, new population moves will also occur, and problems of population shrinkage will naturally be solved.


The situation surrounding the port of the Japan Sea side

4. Improve relations between Japan and Russia and promote Siberian development

When Japan and Russia try to make full-scale economic cooperation, the problem of returning four islands northward comes out. This problem can not be handed over to the two countries, and progress of negotiations is difficult unless an epoch-making proposal comes out.
Regarding the development of Siberia, the land is wide and resources are abundant, but the natural conditions are severe, and it can not be developed through the sole of Japan alone. Also, if Japan is overshadowed over Russia it will lose America's mood.
Therefore, the development concept including the United States is necessary.

Relationship improvement between Japan and Russia
As Japan actively cooperates with the construction of the Sea of ​​Japan Sea Route, the economic development of the Russian Far East region will be promoted and the relationship between the two countries will be greatly improved. In the case of
In particular, by Japan's support for the Bering Strait Bridge, not only Russia but also the United States where the pending issue of Alaska will be developed can be further established. In the case of

Promotion of Siberian development
Many countries are interested in Siberia development. However, we can not go ahead with each other by checking each other. 

By completing the Sea of ​​Japan Sea Route including the Bering Strait Bridge, capital of the United States and Korea as well as Japan will be included. And as inspired by it, economic investment from many countries is expected and will develop greatly. In 


Solving the Northern Territories issue
For Japan, the return of the four islands in the northern part is a serious problem, and it is a line that can not be given over. However, territorial issue as Russia is a problem that can never be given over. In the case of
Therefore, we will show suggestions considering both positions. The four islands in the north shall be returned 2 islands · 2 island joint management. In return, Japan actively supports economic support to the Sea of ​​Japan Sea Route centered on the Bering Strait Bridge. Regarding the method of joint management of two islands, the management method in the international highway is modeled.



Current status of each neighboring country

1). Korea
As in Japan, Korea is a processing trading country that imports resources, processes it, and exports it. The national matter is shown in Table 1. 

Figure 2 shows the import and export graph by country. In the case of
The major trading countries are China and the United States, and we see it as a rival rather than looking at Japan as an important trading country.

Since normalization of diplomatic relations in August 1992, the trade between South Korea and China rapidly expanded, in 2003 China beat the United States to become South Korea's largest export partner, in 2007 it surpassed Japan and became the largest importing partner country . As of 2015 China has a large proportion of 26% of exports and 20% of imports by country's trade value.

However, as a result of remarkable significance of China's emphasis policy over the past few years, it has become a constitution that depends too much on China's economy, and now it is receiving the influence of the economic slowdown of China right now.

As a future direction, it is necessary to lower the weight of China and increase the economic exchanges with neighboring countries. I

However, in the relationship with Japan, negative aspects of passionate national character appear, such as the recent increase in comfort women, which hinders progress. 

JTRO Annual Report Korea
Strengthening Korean economic dependence on China - a dilemma to emerge
Where to go Conflict · Deep in the case of Korean government intervention case (lower) World Daily 12/07 Feature articles
However, on the other hand, South Korean demonstration also includes "faults flowing to witch hunting" (executive of Korean government think tank) which chases the opponent on the right. The runaway of power can be prevented by media, civil society, and demonstration, but no one can stop the "runaway of the people".

表-1  韓国の国勢主要事項

人口       5,062    万人

面積      100,296    ㎢

GDP/人      27,214  ㌦

貿易輸出総額  526,757    100万ドル

貿易輸入総額  436,499    100万ドル

2) North Korea
It is a closed country, and the scale of trade is about 1/100 of that of Korea. Among them, the ratio of China is around 60%, which is a large proportion.
Regarding North Korea, the economy is also heavily influenced by political trends, so we will discuss it in another item.

JTRO Annual Report North Korea


表-2 北朝鮮の国勢主要事項

人口        2,516    万人

面積       122,762    ㎢

GNI/人       13,930  ㌦

貿易輸出総額    4,491   100万ドル

貿易輸入総額    6,018   100万ドル

3). China
The population also has more than 1.3 billion people, boasting the second largest scale in the world next to the United States in GNP with remarkable economic growth in recent years.
However, when it came here, the economy is starting to decline. It is trying to revive with the central government-led economic policy, but it has not worked out at the present.
And with the stagnation of the economy, the political instability factor has appeared on the table due to problems such as economic disparities hidden until then.
I strongly tighten to hold down, but its impact extends not only to the country but also to neighboring countries.
In the future, further political instability will be expected. The situation is similar when the Soviet Union collapses, there is a fear that similar things may occur.

Reason why China is not rooted at this time
China is expected to enter a political turmoil in 2019. As it was in the time of the Soviet Union, 2019 is the founding 70 year collapse theory.
After confusion, the Central Communist Party rule system will collapse, each ministry will become independent and become authority as a country. For those who reconsidered Roto to participate at that point, in order to be able to do construction smoothly.

China's 70 Year Theory
JTRO Annual Report China

表-2 中国の国勢主要事項

人口       137,462   万人

面積      9,600,000   ㎢

GDP/人     7,990    ㌦

貿易輸出総額  2,274,950   100万ドル

貿易輸入総額  1,681,951   100万ドル

4). Russia
The Russian economy in 2015 recorded negative growth for the first time in six years due to economic sanctions from Western countries and a drop in crude oil prices. The Russian government introduced a system to promote import substitution that does not rely on foreign products, and has established a system for promoting exports with the aim of promoting non-resource industries. In the Far Eastern Federal District, enterprises attracting systems such as special zones and free port systems started to operate.

While having a vast land and resources like Siberia, it can not be developed due to the severity of the natural environment.
While promoting the reform of the domestic system, the economic scale is small and it is difficult to promote development only in your own country unless foreign capital is to enter a large amount in the future.


JTRO Annual Report Russia


表-2 ロシアの国勢主要事項

人口         14,654  万人

面積       17,125,200  ㎢

GDP/人       9,055  ㌦

貿易輸出総額    343,543  100万ドル

貿易輸入総額    182,719  100万ドル

5). Alaska (USA)
It is an enclave distant from the mainland of the United States, and despite its rich resources, it has not developed.
It is a blind alley type economic structure like Hokkaido in Japan, and it will not develop without conversion of economic structure.




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