1. Capture North Korea

The image for North Korea is generally
Noisy country making nuclear tests and missile launches and stirring neighboring countries. Moreover, economic collapse has come, and the people are suffering from hunger. Politics enters with a strict dictatorship by putting a dictatorship system, but it is very unstable and it is in no condition to start runaway anytime. Since North Korea is a communist country based on the Labor Party dictatorship, all the citizens are pressed down, which is unreasonable and unprepared.
It is believed. Would that be the case?

Recently I can not believe that if you look North Korea like the United States or Europe, you will catch it wrongly.
First, the communism that we imagine is Marxism. Marxism requires Christian (Protestant) thought soil from the process of its formation. (See Takanoshi's thought http://www.ifvoc.org/riron/riron_sogai01.html)
However, in North Korea the history of Christianity evangelism is shallow and suppressed before thought penetrated, and Confucianism and Zhuji school have become the thought soil. It is thought that cherishes the ancestors and clarifies good and evil.
Even in South Korea, although Western cultures have entered considerably and are getting thinner, this influence remains. It is manifested in the recent incidents of impeachment Park Geun - hi and comfort women problem which can not be understood from the eyes of the Japanese people.
When viewing North Korea as a nation, if we look at the Kingdom with Zhuzhi scholar thought, we can understand its behavior.
And maybe it seems that Kim Jung-eun also thinks that the third generation succeeded King is doing various things to solidify its foundation.
As I think so, the current nuclear missile issue seems to be too much open to each other 's way of thinking with the initiative of the United States, and it can not be solved.
For example, America is a wealthy merchant, North Korea is a samurai who was in need. If it goes as it is, as in the era drama, if conflict arises between the parties, it is difficult for the parties to talk to each other, further confusion and ultimately Samurai will be desperate and wielding the sword to become self-determination Is not it? In China, it is a different type of merchant from the United States, I do not know the heart of Samurai.
In order to collect this, those who understand each other's position, Japan that was a samurai in the past but now a merchant must bear it. If Japan does not stand on the table, things can not be solved.

In order for Japan to stand on the front stage, we must manage our abduction issue.
Returning now, in a situation I do not know, time is getting more and more fast. Is there no way to solve it?
Looking at history, there were examples in the past. That was the Korean correspondent.
The Korean correspondent is understood as a symbol of friendship between the two countries, but in reality for the Korean side, a large abduction from Korea at the time of the Korean soldiers who went to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, abductions of 50,000 who are said to be 70,000 Do not forget that it was done to solve the repatriation problem of the person. If you do the same thing as the action taken at this time, North Korea can not be said to be disgusting.
However, as you can see from the records of the returnees of the Korean correspondents, the more time it takes to settle, the more complicated the problem becomes.
If you can not go back and forth, if you forcibly return, something that is left will be sad.
There is an international highway as one measure for freely going and coming.
If Japan positively launches international highways, it will also help to resolve the abduction.

Although it was able to be equipped with nuclear weapons at a great pace, the evolution of weapons development was tremendous, the possibility that the nuclear missiles themselves would become useless by rail guns and the like came out. Within the last decade it will be impossible for extortion diplomacy against the current nuclear weapons. In the case of
We have maintained a close relationship with China. However, it seems to be coming here and trying to keep a distance. Considering future political turmoil in China, it is necessary to secure another route. In the case of
It is a good relationship with Russia, but its scale is not big. Since the economy is weak and there is no power to make large-scale investments in Russia itself, it will not contribute to the major development in the future. In the case of
I would like to have a great relationship with the US and Japan and make a big economic investment. However, due to the previous reports, we can not compromise because of the meters, making it more difficult to refine relationships.


1). "Rail gun" began research What is the new weapon that will not be missed by the Ministry of Defense?



2. To join North Korea
North Korea's participation is the most important factor in realizing this concept.
If North Korea does not participate in this concept, the ring (circle) of the ring Japan Sea route can not be made, the concept itself will not be established.
Moreover, as participating rings (circles) are completed, not only will the economic effect raise, but also increase the attention of the world and make dramatic progress.

1 ⃣. For North Korea, whose economy is exhausted and many of the people are in a state of starvation, this international highway construction will give an opportunity for economic revitalization and activity.

2⃣.Since the international highway will be multinational management, it will be possible to proceed with the issue of Japan's abduction, which is currently impeding bilateral negotiations, shelving problems of nuclear weapons of the US and South Korea.

3 ⃣. Because of its function, the international highway is like a continuous line of airports, and since the general public can enter only from each base (interchange), there is no need to change the domestic control.

Based on the above three points, there seems to be sufficient merit of participation. However, we can not move forward unless we open the air holes in the stalemate state so far. It plays its role as "Peace Road Campaign" with world peace.
It will play a role like "pingpong diplomacy" once made by China.



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