4. Conclusion

In constructing an international highway to realize world peace, the earliest possible realization is "the Sea of ​​Japan Sea Route including the Bering Strait Bridge Tunnel".
Also, as we continue to construct the Sea of ​​Japan Sea route, not only economic development in this Far East region will stabilize the political situation. And "peace" that people in this area wishfully come to visit.
Construction will be conducted by five countries - Japan, Korea, North Korea, Russia and the United States - as an international project. Among them, Japan and South Korea have to lead with their respective roles.
In order to move the governments of both Japan and South Korea, along with the construction promotion movement of each local government unit,

①. Peace Road Movement
②. Campaign to review bilateral relations as seen from cultural exchanges by Korean correspondents
③ Children who have parents in their countries will present their opinions
④ True family movement that reviewed women's position

We will change the consciousness of both Japan and South Korea.
Participation by North Korea is extremely important in realizing the "Japan Sea Route including the Bering Strait Bridge Tunnel" concept, and it is necessary to engage in efforts to participate in every direction from this point.
Especially the success or failure of implementation of peace road movement in North Korea is "key".




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