​The international highway is a concept to construct all over the world with four lanes centering on the central divider and to set the international neutral zone as 1 km wide along both sides of the highway to make it a transcending region . And it is a concept to set up an immigration office in the interchange so that you can enter and leave with no visa. This was proposed by Rev. Sonmyon Moon in 1981.

It is an international highway for "realization of peace with one world family as a family", and the Japanese-Korean tunnel has been asked to play its leading role. It is hoped for realization as soon as possible. However, due to misunderstandings of emotions in Japan and Korea · doubts about the investment effect, we have not reached full scale construction now.

Also in the Bering Strait Bridge Tunnel, although the necessity is recognized between the two countries of the United States and Russia, it has not progressed from the concept due to the immediate financing and economic effects.

Even if it is called the international highway connecting the world too much, the economic effect becomes complicated and the construction period also becomes long, so it becomes difficult for the general public to understand it. Therefore, we restricted the range to the route where the construction effect appears the most, and proposed as a ring of the Sea of ​​Japan including Alaska. In the case of

On each page, show problems and solutions to meet the realization of the concept.

For ring Sea of Japan route concept

International Highway Sketch Diagram

International highway world route concept (red line)

Bering Strait cross-linking plan

Japan-Korea Tunnel Concept Plan

International Highway Route Japan Sea Route Map
Route indicated by red line

On the International Highway Concept



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